Prey Exclusives

###Prey Exclusive One ###
Catergory : Female Shoes
Display name : Redrah Heels F
Display description : Exclusive New Heels designed with a touch of Steampunk designs. A mix of metal straps on the back of the heel to create more comfort for your everyday use. Fantastic for almost any outfit for your avatar. Try it out today.
Image 17
Points needed to redeem : 3

###Prey Exclusive Two ###
Catergory : Ring
Display name : Cresent ring
Display description : Not everything that sparkles is always gold, but who needs gold when you have a beautiful platinum, sapphire ring! Modern, chic, and sparkling far more than any gold piece could! It's time to treat yourself to the finer things, with this beautiful Crescent ring.
Image 24
Points needed to redeem : 2

###Prey Exclusive Three ###
Display name : ROGUE Aviators BY PREY
Display description : Regardless of the weather, these pairs of glasses will be the perfect wear for any outdoor occasion. Try on these urban styled glasses with your very own symbol of hope, crafted within the frame of the aviators. If you’re special someone requires a matching pair, there is also a male exclusive version available.There are 3 triggers available for Up,Down and On
Image 28

Points needed to redeem : 3

###Prey Exclusive Four ###
Catergory : Female Heels
Display description : Fan of the dark arts? Try on these heels. Powerful, and bold. These shoes carry a magical taste of darkness, and sexiness. Walk in these shoes and watch all the eyes and jaws follow you behind.
Image 35

Points needed to redeem : 2

###Prey Exclusive Five ###
Catergory : Dress
Display name : SweetDreams
Display description : Enjoy a bit of party POP! This dress is styled to the cutest form. Dazzle all the eyes where ever you go, and show your fun, colorful and loving side with this dress
Image 42

Points needed to redeem : 3

###Prey Exclusive Six ###
Catergory : Trenchcoat
Display name : Sombre
Display description : Men it’s time to enjoy a nice dark, and luxurious simple top to wear for just about any occasion.
Image 54

Points needed to redeem : 2

###Prey Exclusive 7 ###
Catergory : Female Jackets
Display name : Harley Quinn jacket(exclusive for bundle)
Display description : Enjoy a seperate Harley Quinn jacket, Exclusive for my 2014 Harley Quinn Halloween Bundle! This piece is only offered here on CredX, and is not included within the Harley Quinn bundle on IMVU.Get the Bundle here
Image 67

Points needed to redeem : 2

###Prey Exclusive Eight ###
Catergory : Female Shoes
Display name : Gold Rush
Display description : With heels like these you won’t have to speak to show a good first impression when entering a room. Let the shoes do the talking, be sure to dazzle the hearts of others with gold, and you will certainly feel the rush. Enjoy!!..
Image 73
Points needed to redeem : 3

###Prey Exclusive Nine ###
Catergory : Dresses
Display name : Siren Gown
Display description : I give you my Siren gown. Elegant and bold you will certainly stand out amongst the ocean of other people. Take the spotlight as you walk in with a gown that speaks volumes for all occasions.
Image 77
Points needed to redeem : 3

###Prey ExclusiveTen ###
Catergory : Lingere (GA)
Display name : Nicely Naughty
Display description : Sometimes it’s hard to choose either to be Naughty or Nice… So why make it hard? You can be Nicely Naughty instead ;).Enjoy this naughty, dark, Santa lingerie for the Holidays and all occasions.
Image 86
Points needed to redeem : 2

###Prey Exclusive Eleven ###
Catergory : Female Hair
Display name :Antrai Black Tip
Display description : Healthy, shiny, glowing hair with a bit of kick. Wither to spice things up a notch or to just be your new look, this hair is perfect for anyone who likes quality. This hair is made special just for Credx, you certainly wouldn’t find it anywhere else. ..
Image 91
Points needed to redeem : 2

###Prey Exclusive 12 ###
Catergory : Earings
Display name : Pure Love
Display description : Purely beautiful and perfect for Valentine ’s Day and any occasion. Sexy, elegant, bold, and fashionable. You’ll also have a bit of edge with its studded black gems that surround the pure white stones.
Image 98
Points needed to redeem : 3

###Prey Exclusive 13 ###
Catergory : Eyes
Display name : Nova
Display description : Enjoy my (female) Nova eyes. Sparkling beauty and with many colors of the galaxy. They certainly shine like stars in the night sky.
Image 107
Points needed to redeem : 2

###Prey Exclusive 14 ###
Catergory : Mens Uuderwear
Display name : Beast
Display description : A nice, classy, dark underwear for all the men who want to look, feel good, and be confident in. Send a message and show people what you really are. ;).

Beast underwear

Points needed to redeem : 3

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