Recieve Exclusives (Trouble Shooting)

If you have redeemed an exclusive but havent recieved it, thats because you have your IMVU messages set to 'friends only' or a setting that is not 'everyone'

There is 2 ways to correct this:

1. The first way is to Set your messages to 'everyone' in your accont settings

Image 128

2. Or you can Add the IMVU Account 'exclusives' to your friends list. You can add from this link .
When adding exclusives as a friend you will need to wait until your accepted before the redeems will work, however if the chat tab is visible on you can contact me there immediatly and i will accept the friend request. If that chat tab isn't available you can try to email me direct at , because i receive emails instantly to my desktop, and if i am on my pc i will accept the friends request immediatly.

If for some reason you have tried to redeem an exclusive and you dont get a popup box confirming the redeemed exclusive, this may help.

Instead of checking the option "To Myself' in the redeem box, try manually typing your avatar name and hit verify.

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