Exclusives Grid

The exclusives Grid is an ongoing project,so bare with us as we get new options added over the next few weeks.

How it works?

If you create an account by logging in to credx via OPenID (WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL) you will see the Grid looking something like this:

Image 6

Above you can see some products are not greyed out.These products are available for you to "Redeem" (own/purchase with your points).

When you click on the product you wish to redeem,you will go to a page like this:

Image 8

Here you can input the avatar you wish to send to.Next you click the redeem tab.The avatar you have chozen will instantly recieve this product.

UPDATE####10TH February There is now a "Try On" button

Image 11

You can now try on the avatar before you redeem it.


Image 137


You must make sure the reciever imvu account has there message settings to 'everyone' or has added the imvu account 'Exclusives' to there friends, otherwise they will not recieve any exclusives.

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