New Avatar (female)

CredX will be blessed with the first Organic version of the new female avatar.

I have started work on her and iam currently on Sequence 2 of the standing defaults.

Iam hoping to have the first version for CredX Members released by 25th-30 of September.

this post dated 9/11/2014

Had to put her on hold to work on credx app projects.

I have resumed work on her 25/10/2014

UPDATE~~~21/11/2014: Finished 2 standing default animated sequences (2 to go)

Finished 20 poses (30 to go)

UPDATE~~~12/19/2014 All Poses Completed,Now working on the skin,and catalogue graphics.

UPDATE~~~~12/31/2014 Working on the hands/Head......hoping for a february 3-4th release:)

released 2 versions in my catalogue on imvu,however these are not the Organic animation avatars.

released 2 chat versions for credx customers 2/2/2015

The first Organic Motion version will be released to CredX members,also some extra goodies.

I have resumed work on Star Organic version 03/19/2015
Currently working on the AP version of Star 7/10/2015

Working on a new feature for credx. You will love this its going to be awesome!!!! 8/23/2015

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