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VisNova Product Promotion

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Here you can post any questions or anything related to the VisNova Product Promotions



1 for each 10k:)..just post the links to the 4 exclusives you want here and i will send them to you:)

So how do you get the bundel for the 40 points? I bought the Hunee for 53k and I get to pick one item that's under 10 point if I am correct, and someone who bought one for 14k gets to pick the same as me?

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Actually good point:)..i think i will re write that , and stipulate if someone is to buy more than 10k then they get 10 points if its 20k then its 20 and so on, but only if its in the same day.....Have you made an account on CredX yet?

Yes I made it today, I need to do my review on the avi yet, but purchased it today.

Yes I made it today, I need to do my review on the avi yet, but purchased it today.

Ok another question, I get to pick out one item for each 10 points I will receive? or just one for the whole amount of my credits, can it add up to 10 points? Sorry I a little confused by how this all works.


1 for each 10k:)..just post the links to the 4 exclusives you want here and i will send them to you:)

make sure you have your imvu message settings to 'everyone' or add the imvu account 'Exclusives' to your friends, otherwise the exclusives wont be recieved....let me know when you have done that:)

Mine are always set to everyone, and once I get the message I will add it to my friends, lol I dev so I made sure I could get messages from everyone incase I got special orders. :) ty very much have a great day/night

I have mine set to everyone. Did you get mine without problems?

I sent in 2 product for points. I was hoping someone could let me know if they were recieved? My account does not show any changes. Thanks!

your message VisNova 14 hours ago
yup i received that but no link to the actual exlusive you want http://prntscr.com/ckimmv

my reply still having problems typed a whole paragraph describing whats going on and your site took away my entire reply
http://www.credx.biz/#/exclusives/hunee-federationx-socialize-ap was exclusive I was looking @ its 5pts of the 10 pts awarded
thought you could use all 10 pts but I see only 1 exclusive per 10k
not allowed to get a exclusive no cell phone can't verify and no alternative way of verifying

IMVU NAME Skylar1960

E-mail Skylar19601@hotmail.com

13,533 avi was purchased on 9/20/16

Can I get verification on my submittion on my product yesterday and day before please?

by the way I submitted under My avi name of xIxH3llzB3llzxIx on 9/20 and another on 9/19

can't help as I'm not VisNova

Sorry I am new to this

Michelle submitted what ? and for what?. i don't understand what you are saying you submitted?

I purchased a new AP Hunee and Submitted the form and followed the steps yesterday. I also did one for the other hunee i have thats ga version on the 19th.

Skylar is your IMVU account AP?

When you send an exclusive from your credx account, it uses the IMVU exclusives account to send the exclusive to the avatar you stipulated.

not without verification it won't still haven't received my 10 pts for 13,533 avi purchase for skylar1960 even after I was told i'd be verified in messages which has disappeared imvu message settings set 'everyone and added 'Exclusives' to my friends list an has been accepted however still hasn't given me 10 pt's earned

read below i have verified and i added 15 points:)

Sorry VisNova I am a little new to all this. Did you recieve my product purchase submissions?


Their was some technical issues which i fixed yesterday. If you would be so kind as to re submit that would be apprecited:)

yes ap and was told you could verify me due to no cell still not verified all up and running except for the little matter of 10 pts earned still don't show so I have a verified acc but no pts after a 13,533 avi was purchased for Skylar1960

this is getting ridiculous I have 24 hrs to get a exclusive and been trying on and off for 22hrs of them

I need to verify your account on credx manually, I first had to verify your IMVU account. Your account is verified and i gave you an extra 5 points for the inconvenience. Enjoy:)

ty for fixing this and verifing my acc and the 5 extra pts no disrespect but after all this time those 5 credits only work if I spend 5k won't even get me a hairstyle I was going to pick after my avi and my avi is 5 pts and thats out of my 10 pts earned for 13,533 avi purchase for skylar1960 so 5pts is nice offer but I can't even put them towards a 2 pt hairstyle tc

What do you mean they only work if you spend 5k?. You have 15pts in your CredX account you can use those 15pts to redeem whatever exclsuives you want.

yes ma'am I will do so now. Thank you!


You just sent me to submissions, one of the exclusives you say you want is this http://www.imvu.com/shop/product.php?products_id=10274247 that is not a VisNova or CredX exclusive so i am unsure why you submitted that?

Hey V, GiaCintaVolTolini here I am still very confused on a lot of things since the ending of buying credits, I have some if not all your poseboards along with most of your avatars Male and Female(Needed for Modeling) I know this may have been answered already but, how are we to go about obtaining the exclusives that i see I do have a CredX acct as well Huge Fan of you and your work don't forget what i had said to you about SL as well have a Wicked WeekEnd

Any points that you still have from when you were buying credits can still be used to redeem exclusives.