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Any points that you still have from when you were buying credits can still be used to redeem exclusives.

Great.. glad you like:)

What do you mean they only work if you spend 5k?. You have 15pts in your CredX account you can use those 15pts to redeem whatever exclsuives you want.

You just sent me to submissions, one of the exclusives you say you want is this that is not a VisNova or CredX exclusive so i am unsure why you submitted that?

read below i have verified and i added 15 points:)

Their was some technical issues which i fixed yesterday. If you would be so kind as to re submit that would be apprecited:)

I need to verify your account on credx manually, I first had to verify your IMVU account. Your account is verified and i gave you an extra 5 points for the inconvenience. Enjoy:)

When you send an exclusive from your credx account, it uses the IMVU exclusives account to send the exclusive to the avatar you stipulated.

Skylar is your IMVU account AP?

Michelle submitted what ? and for what?. i don't understand what you are saying you submitted?