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Did you leave a review on the avatar you purchased soi can verify?..If so tell me which exclusive you want and what avatar on imvu you want the exclusive sent to.

yup i received that but no link to the actual exlusive you want http://prntscr.com/ckimmv

Ok if you can try and re submit the form i have updated the email preferences with a new email to see if it will work.

hmm when did you fill out the form?. I haven't received it. I need to check the email structure i think a few have been not delivered over the last few weeks, i have had a few customers tell me the same thing. Let me take a look at the form and i will drop another message here soon.


What are you actually wanting to do on CredX? what is your IMVU username?. I can verify you manually.

Awesome i see they went through ok:)

Got, just make sure both your IMVU accounts dont have the messages set to 'friends only' otherwsie the exclusives wont be sent...you can also add the IMVU account Exclusives to your frisnds list and all exclusives will go through

make sure you have your imvu message settings to 'everyone' or add the imvu account 'Exclusives' to your friends, otherwise the exclusives wont be recieved....let me know when you have done that:)

1 for each 10k:)..just post the links to the 4 exclusives you want here and i will send them to you:)


Actually good point:)..i think i will re write that , and stipulate if someone is to buy more than 10k then they get 10 points if its 20k then its 20 and so on, but only if its in the same day.....Have you made an account on CredX yet?

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