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VisNova Product Promotion

VisNova 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 34

Here you can post any questions or anything related to the VisNova Product Promotions

VisNova 8 years ago

1 for each 10k:)..just post the links to the 4 exclusives you want here and i will send them to you:)

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VisNova 9 years ago updated by sexybrownone33 7 years ago 6
Are you seeing this when you login via OpenID?   ...if so just refresh the page and it will log you in.
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tyvm awesome items

Skylar Lane 7 years ago updated by VisNova 7 years ago 1

and I will spread the word too

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skylar 7 years ago updated by Michelle Berube 7 years ago 5

after filling out a form you stated I'll be getting my exclusives in 24 hrs 1 problem my avi that was purchased was 13K plus was given 10 pts to pick out my exclusives didn't pick any out yet only looked and was given the run around now you claim their being sent in 24 hrs what are you sending cause I never got a chance to pick anything out not to mention since I have no cell phone i'm unable to verify I'm human an no other way shown why is it made so hard to do simple task please help

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We need to verify you're a human,no cell phone,how else can I verify

skylar 7 years ago updated by Skylar Lane 7 years ago 2

no cell phone so I can't be texted so how else can I verify I'm human


was gifted a avi over 13k does exclusives count for me

skylar 7 years ago 0

I was gifted a Avi *VN Hunee FXM BM AP made by VisNova
for over 13K does exclusives count for me cause I was gifted

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Did not get my Exclusives

AuroraHellstormm 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4